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When I was speculating how to name this post, one memory came out from my head. My boyfriend’s favourite T-shirt is the one with an evolution picture. Few weeks before we went to a reggae concert with our friends and he was wearing this T-shirt. As we were talking we started making jokes like we as people f*ked up our environment and we should go back to start again in a better way.

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Therefore my thoughts often go back to this talk. Unfortunately, I think we were absolutely right. The sad fact is that a human race created so many astonishing technologies and products, but besides everything, we forgot the fact that we are a part of nature. We go forward and as a result left devastation behind. We are clever creatures so why don’t we use our intelligence to take care of our environment and each other more?

Luckily, there is a bright side of my dark thoughts too. When I’ve started to be more curious about more ecologically living I have started to see that we slowly go back to basic.


When I think about this question I imagine how my grandma lives. She is almost 90 years old, and she lives in a small village with around six hundred inhabitants (yes, it is a small village). It is a simple living in countryside, growing most of her food in a garden, creating almost zero waste.

My grandma lives in a house with a garden and keeps chickens for eggs and meat.

My grandma grows almost everything in her garden. Every piece of kitchen scrap ends in the background compost or goes to the chickens. She has been living in a zero waste way practically since the day she was born. And I am pretty sure, that she has never heard the phrase “zero waste” because she is just used to living like this. This is natural for her.


Since the village has a new mayor, thanks to him my grandma has also started to recycle paper and plastic. Despite the fact, she doesn’t create a lot of this kind of waste, it is great to have an opportunity to recycle it. She has not had this opportunity in the village before. Nowadays every single house is given for recycling bins from the town. If people do recycling, they pay less on waste taxes. Easy!


For most of us, it is natural to live comfortable lives mainly in cities. Our lives are full of different activities, enjoyments and worries, therefore, we simply don’t have time and energy to think about stuff behind the scene.
In short, we just don’t realise it all. We are used to getting rid of waste in the very easiest way – throwing it into the closest bin. And we don’t think any more about it. Where does it end and what will happen next?
But it is okay because we are just used to acting this way because in our society it is common.
I was also used to behaving this way.

Since I’ve started to change my life through a more sustainable way, my head is full of questions. Why are zero waste and sustainability not natural for us all? Does it have to be so complicated when you would like to live more sustainable? Why do you look so crazy to others? Am I the only one who thinks that bigger towns mean zero waste is trickier?


Despite all obstacles, I am convinced that every single person should start step by step from herself or himself. Back to basic. And yes, you can be sure, that people will look at you like you are a fool. Because yes, for example, when you don’t have your own composter and collect all scraps in a fridge and then bring them in a bag to compost a few kilometres away from your home just because you like walking and handling waste you created, in the right way… It looks crazy! 😀
But do you know what? Every new weirdo will help us to become ordinary in other’s eyes 😉

I am pretty sure I could write more about this topic, but I would like to leave this post as simple as it is. Meanwhile, let’s think about how can we invite back to basic into our lives.

Would you like to join and become a weirdo and need an advice where to start? Or would you like to share your weirdo story or misery? Leave me a comment or write me an email, I would love to read it ☺

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