How ZERO WASTE Became My Partner In Crime?

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I have walked a long journey before I first met a title zero waste. After nineteen years of various sufferings, doctors finally diagnosed my celiac disease and lactose intolerance. I ate everything before that because I had no idea of my prejudices. And I suffered my whole life. So after this all, I have started to eat hand in hand with gluten-free and lactose-free diet.

This way was hard for me and also for my family because had no idea what exactly I can or cannot eat. Doctors were not able to give us satisfying answers. So we did what we knew. We started looking for information everywhere and buying products with gluten-free and lactose-free signs.


After ten years I started to feel better, but not much. I have had days when I felt sick just after drinking water. All these feelings led me to don’t stop looking for new and new information. And I was looking for “Where am I doing mistakes?” My searching helped me to find a professional in healthy food and lifestyle. It would be a lot what to write about, so maybe in another post. But shortly – I’ve changed my eating habits and lifestyle from the basics, slowly, of course. And I still learn. I still have a long journey in front of me.

wrong way

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash


And why am I writing this all? Because the other way of looking on food led me towards a lot of exciting changes and places. It was the beginning of my new part of life – my zero waste life.


*(for understanding Dobrožrút means someone who eats good stuff)

The first most significant change was the tastiest gluten-free (and healthy!) bread in my life ever – U Dobrožrúta. First gluten-free, vegan and ZERO WASTE bakery in Bratislava!

Image credit: Dobrožrúti

When I’ve been there the first time, I didn’t realise, they were also zero waste. This was a lovely surprise and inspiration for me when I understood it. Now it is around three years I found them. I have a long journey behind and Dobrožrúti also. They are a big inspiration for me and a lot of other people too.


One of MANY exciting things I liked there when they opened was that I could bring paper bags I was given in a different store, and they used it for packaging. This means no new waste from new and new bags. Isn’t it great, is it?
Therefore I did a little cleaning in my wardrobe and brought a few. As a result I had a lovely feeling inside of me and a delicious cake in my hand that day when I was leaving my beloved bakery ☺


Nowadays you will not find these bags in my home because I have started refusing them. But when I have started with my zero waste journey, this idea seemed very innovative to me and helped me to realize where I can change my habits and do it better. So welcome, REFUSE 🙂

dobrozruti, zero waste bakery

Image credit: Dobrožrúti

What more, when I have moved to Australia, I missed U Dobrožrúta so much! The fact that I can have healthy and delicious gluten-free bread forced me to start baking my own one at home. So yes, Dobrožrúti, you have changed my life a little 😉


One day I found on Facebook a talk about zero waste. So I purchased a ticket. When I saw the numbers from the presentation, I was shocked. Just 11% of waste in the capital city of Slovakia are sorted and recycled! Everything else goes to a landfill! 72% is mixed municipal waste. At least 45% of our waste is biodegradable waste. It is a waste which could be composting but ends up on landfill. This evening opened my eyes, and before the speech finished, I knew my life was about to change.

Few days after I bought my very first worm compost bin to the office where I worked. This compost bin had a very nice plus. It was not just useful, but it had a lovely design. I received compost bin at first, so I was confused because I did not see worms anywhere in the box. Despite a fact, they were living creatures, I received bin at first. After that, the company sent me worms. One day I received a call that courier was on the way. I went outside the building to wait for him. Car appeared. Handsome men asked me if I was waiting for him. I asked back “In case you do have worms for me, yes!”

My new story with worm compost bin just began. I started collecting kitchen scraps at home – one box with lunch for me, another one for worms.


I’ve started to do most of my food shopping on the open market. I found a few favourite sellers with fruit, veggie, eggs, and milk products. They all are more than free to take empty containers from eggs or jams. They use it again and again. So there is no waste. And you have to agree that the taste and quality of food from the market is entirely different from food from supermarkets, so one more plus.

I’ve also stopped to use plastic bags for my fruit and veggie and always have my own sacks with me.

zero waste shopping, responsible shopping

All these little things and this period of my life was the BEGGINING of CHANGES.


When I found out that I am coeliac, I began to study what I could eat. I realised that gluten is everywhere. And with waste, it was the same. Since I have started to think about it, I see that everything we are used to using in our daily lives will become waste in the future, sooner or later. So I started to think about every single thing I am going to purchase. Keeping in mind – reduce, reuse, recycle.


Photo by Noah Busher on Unsplash



I am pretty sure that the easiest way how to start your zero waste journey is – always have YOUR OWN REUSABLE BAG for shopping with you. I also started with this easy step. This is a good way how to easy refuse a plastic bag. Honestly, I really don’t understand what people like on plastic bags. Plastic bags are fragile to carry large purchase, and I was always full of stress if my whole stuff would not end on the ground. Just each time have in every single handbag or backpack which you are used to using one or two pieces of reusable bags to have it always in hand.


Here is another one simple step. If you are used to eating take away food, start to have always your own food container with you. Why should you create more and more waste every single time when you are going to have “take away” food? Yes, of course, I know that having your own food container always with you could be annoying, but trust me you will get used to it and it is not so complicated.

Yeah, I know, it is not much. But it is still better to start than nothing. And I have so much joy from every single new thing which moves me forward. And I am pretty sure you will have too 😉

Here we are. Responsible as possible 😉

Where are you in your zero waste journey? Have you already started? Leave me a comment about what did you change in your life and inspire others ☺

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