VEGAN Status Negative. Should I Feel GUILTY?

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Do you eat meat? Are you a vegetarian or even a vegan? Our eating habits have a significant impact on our ecological footprints. To live zero waste, but ignore what we eat is like trying to be fit but have a whole pizza for every dinner.

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Because of my intolerances and health issues, I had to change a lot. Try to eat healthier and to live more ecologically help me to look further and further. I tried to be a vegetarian once. I called myself a vegetarian beginner because I haven’t quit eating meat for good, but I’ve started to eat less meat. Unfortunately, my body wasn’t happy at all.

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It took so long time until doctors found out about my intolerances. Therefore, I have been visiting doctors more often than my grandma for nineteen years. Tries, mistakes, plenty of antibiotics and my digestion look like a student after party hard. I can quit being a vegan even before at least to try it. My body is not able to digest all nutrition from food. Because vegetarian and vegan food misses a lot of useful vitamins and bacterias, which we can find just in animal products, my verdict is clear.

Why am I writing this all? Because I would like to turn your attention to the fact that we are all different. I understand and fully respect those who chose to be vegetarians or vegans. However, to live more sustainable doesn’t mean straight away that you have to switch on plant base food completely.

I also care about what I consume and from where my food comes. Moreover, I eat less meat, especially beef and pork. I consume meat two-three times a week and I don’t eat tuna anymore. What more, I have started to be more curious about farms where meat and eggs come. I am curious if animals live in ethical conditions. I always check if I have eggs from happy hens. And, of course, the more local products, the better.

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Because I see situations when omnivores, vegetarians and vegans fight between each other almost daily, they judge each other and attack each other. And that’s not right.
We should not judge each other for a way of life we have chosen. The ones who have chosen to become vegetarians or vegans should not judge the ones, who also eat animal products. And vice versa.

The same with zero wasters – if you chose to live zero waste, you should not judge the ones who did not. Sometimes I realise that I do it also. I judge people who I see buying stuff with plastic packaging, plastic bags etc. But this is not right. The fact that I have decided to live more sustainable doesn’t mean I have a right to judge others. It was just my decision. In case I am an inspiration for people to start to live wasteless, I am more than happy.

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I often feel guilty because I consume meat and animal products. The pressure from vegetarians and vegans is visible mostly when you are around eco people. Of course, I know people who chose to do not eat meat but also do not judge others. However, I saw more than ever with the opposite. And that’s not good.

I have seen a few exciting events, but more than the event itself, I was amazed by the rule of allowance to bring and consume just vegetarian or vegan food. With all the respect, isn’t it a bit discriminating to others? I am not sure, maybe I only see it from a wrong point of view.

When I moved to Australia, almost two years ago, I was looking for a first job. I went to ask for a job in a vegetarian restaurant. The waitress didn’t even care about me and my experiences, she just asked me if I was a vegetarian. A manager didn’t also want to talk to me, cause my answer was NO. Interesting. I am not a fool – I didn’t plan to have meat for lunch there as an employee. But is it vital to refuse a candidate for a job position just because he or she is not a vegetarian? In this case, I am pretty sure we are talking about discrimination.

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What is happening with us, guys? Where did tolerance disappear? Where did a quote “Live and leave others to live” go? Or was it always just a quote? Do we want to live in a world full of restrictions, competition and grudge? Do we want to end up like people on the streets will be afraid to take a bite from a real hamburger or take a sip from a plastic straw?

The human population is significant. And if we choose one way or another, there will always be footprints left behind us. Every card has two sides. The point is to find harmony.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. (African proverb)

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